Tubular Security Fencing

The tubular security fencing is ideal to keep your premise safe while maintain elegant and attractive looking. Made with steel ensure it’s strong and long lasting. We supply security fencing at a competitive price at great quality.

Introducing the new Steel Tubular Security Fencing

Secure, simple and elegant

tubular security fencing

2 different heights cover all situations

Most commercial and home properties are restricted to use fencing lower than 2m, while school premises can use up to 2.1m for extra security. Our 1.8M and 2.1M tubular security fencing panels cover all that you need.

tubular security fencing size

“Ideal for school fencing, commercial, warehouse, factory, industrial, railway, airports, mental facilities, sport/community facilities, and aged care facilities fencing.”

Long-term investment

Black powder coated finish for long-lasting in any situation, our Tubular Security Fencing is designed for long-term use.

tubular security fencing school fencing

Spear top for extra security, strength and yet it looks gorgeous. Each 25 x 25 x 1.2mm picket is made of steel with a squash spear top, inserted into the 40 x 40 x 1.6mm square steel cross rails.

tubular security fencing speartop

Seriously good quality

Built to Australian industry standards, we are serious with the quality of our fencing and only look for the finest factory that meets the standard to manufacture our products. It will last longer than a decade we can guarantee that.

tubular security fencing good quality